indoor-environmentalAchieving adequate indoor environmental quality often requires balancing energy efficiencies with comfortable and healthy working conditions for all who use the property. It can be difficult to minimise the carbon print of the building, significantly reduce energy bills and keep everyone happy! It has been estimated that ‘new builds’ who adhere to and follow a set of specifications during construction, use at least 90% less energy than those properties who do not. This is very substantial in terms of environmental impact, and certainly represents the forward thinking ideal that many should consider adopting.

One of the best known exponents of this initiative are the pioneers of the standard: Passivhaus Institut. This organisation was founded in Germany in 1996 following successful implementation of concepts based on research carried out at the time, and knowledge which had been around for many years. The organisation in itself was founded not only to create awareness of the practice, but also to control the standards. Today, it remains active and continues to develop new ways of reducing energy consumption, providing training and keeping interested parties informed of developments. The Passivehaus Trust is its representative in the UK, and is just one of the many organisations that focus on sustainable and energy efficient design and construction.

In addition to energy conservation, thermal comfort is a field of study which must be mentioned. It also requires strict measuring of a variety of elements, and takes into account the specific characteristics of the space in question. As per the British Standard (BS EN ISO 7730), thermal comfort is defined as “that condition of mind which expresses satisfaction with the thermal environment”. Although achieving such a state may result largely from the subjective preference of many, precise measurement of a great number of factors must be carried out in order to generate the data used to determine the nearest reasonable conditions. Some points that stand out for consideration are: radiant temperature, air temperature, air velocity, and humidity. In addition to this, personal elements taken into account are clothing insulation and metabolic heat. It is a very complex and fascinating field of study.

Based on this information we can then say that, in order to achieve ideal indoor environmental conditions to live and work comfortably and be energy efficient, there are a great number of different variables to consider. In order to create effective alternatives to methods and construction materials in the future, we need data. Precise measurements grant scientists and researchers with valuable information, which is in turn used to implement modifications to dwellings and workplaces.

This is where Tempcon comes in. We were established in 1980, and since then have been dedicated to providing instrumentation to record and measure a variety of factors. We are not only distributors of a variety of measuring equipment, but are also professionals dedicated to the field. For these reasons, you can count on our expertise to help you find viable solutions to problems, and rely on the quality of the products and services we offer.

By measuring light usage and light levels for example, we can determine the ideal lighting conditions to carry out work or live comfortably. Light that is too bright can cause fatigue to the eyes, and dim lighting can cause strain. We can provide the technology to determine suitable levels of lighting adequate for the types of activities carried out on a daily basis.

Measuring temperature in specific circumstances can be challenging, and unfortunately a single piece of equipment suitable for all cases does not yet exist. However, we do carry various models suitable for all instances in which acquiring information of this type is necessary, and can offer advice on which would be best suited for you. Wherever you need to obtain temperature measurements, we can provide you with a suitable and effective solution.

Humidity, heat flux, and moisture are conditions related to climate, which need to be measured carefully and are critical to achieving thermal comfort. Our solutions are used extensively to carry out research in this field, and thus can provide our customers with a wide range of equipment and advice for their projects.

Decibels, while not strictly regulated in the housing environment are recommended to be maintained at low levels. Not only is noise pollution a nuisance, but studies show they can affect people’s health negatively. We carry stock of several instruments to measure decibel levels for your convenience.

Other circumstances such as occupancy, pressure, and state are integral to calculating the most reasonable and efficient indoor environmental conditions, and reaching a reasonable energy conservation level.

It is of vital importance that all instrumentation used for these purposes are calibrated. This will ensure you are obtaining the right data and, in many cases, will be crucial to determining the safety of areas, when measuring gas levels, for example. With our many years of experience in dealing with these types of equipment, we are often called upon to provide a calibration service.

Our involvement with Universities and research facilities worldwide is something we are definitely proud to be part of. Many discoveries and vital research has been conducted with the use of our products and efforts.

The world is slowly changing and leaning towards implementing more energy conscious efforts every day. At the same time, technologies continue to be developed making the research easier and more manageable. Tempcon is proud to be part of this, and continue to work to innovate and help many reach their energy management goals and find ideal solutions by providing and manufacturing devices and offering complete services to our customers. We are available to discuss your ideas and bring you complete assistance when you need it. If you have browsed our website and not found what you are looking for, get in touch with us today. We have many more alternatives available for your consideration. We can discuss your requirements and put our expertise to work for you, and a better world.

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