Temperature and Humidity in Domestic Properties

Data loggers play a crucial part when monitoring energy consumption, heating efficiency and mould in domestic properties. The HOBO UX100-003 and HOBO U23-001 dataloggers are the perfect answer for housing associations looking to assess energy usage and comfort in domestic properties.

HOBO data loggers have been used extensively by Universities and research establishments throughout the world in order to assess and model the effects of building materials and technologies. They provide a natural fit for housing associations and architects alike to monitor new build and retrofit projects.

The loggers are often used as part of any data collection process. By combining both data loggers it is very straightforward to monitor both indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity. This enables current comfort levels (temperatures) in properties to be recorded and projections made on future costs.

This information is vital in modelling the behaviour of tenants and also the efficacy of building materials or energy efficiency strategies. Suitable advice can then be provided where homes have been under or over heated.

As houses become more energy efficient there is less and less free air flow and sudden changes in temperature or prolonged periods of low temperature can result in condensation and mould. Many housing associations are using data loggers to record temperature and humidity in domestic properties as this helps them demonstrate how tenant behaviour influences the build up of mould and ultimately saves them a significant amount of money.