Environmental studies focus on the interaction of humans with the environment in order to minimise impact and find solutions to a variety of complex problems.

Thanks to the awareness that concerned researchers have created, today there are a great number of environmental protection agencies and organisations who regulate human impact and carry out vast amounts of scientific research. This  leads to new discoveries and innovative ways to improve our lives every day, whilst maintaining a certain degree of harmony with the environment.

Tempcon are providers of a great range of instrumentation to measure and control elements, as well as bringing you datalogging solutions for your every need. We focus on quality and reliability and stock products renowned for these characteristics such as Onset, Grant, Fluke, Digitron, Dickson and many more. We also carry our own brand. If for example, you are looking for a specific way to measure temperature in a variety of mediums, you can count on us to build a bespoke system suitable to your needs.

We have been active since 1980. Throughout the years, we have gained a lot of experience providing products to many universities and research teams with which to gather information effectively. We enjoy being active in the community, and are fascinated by the findings.

In the past, agriculture might have relied on observation and guesswork to determine if conditions were ideal to grow an assortment of crops. These days, we count on data logging instrumentation which can give us precise information in regards to a number of relevant elements.

Measuring humidity, leaf wetness, and soil moisture in crops provides the grower with precise data which can be used to manage energy and water irrigation systems more effectively. This is possible with the aid of a variety of equipment available from our company.

Another important element to measure is dissolved oxygen (DO) in water. In particular if the body of water is receiving sewage discharges, or high concentrations of nitrates and phosphates from inorganic fertiliser, manure, or other resulting products of human interactions surrounding it. While a river is continuously oxygenating its waters due to its natural flow, in a lake this process is much slower and thus a higher risk of eutrophication exists. This is a condition which poisons the waters due to lack of oxygen, and kills all of its living species. If your research entails acquiring this type of information in turbulent, calm, or any other type of waters, we count on a wide range of instrumentation and sensors for this purpose.

Solar radiation, or sunlight is one of the most important fuels for life on Earth. It allows for photosynthesis in plants to occur and for cellular respiration in heterotrophs who feed off the plants. Measuring this has been an important topic for researchers interested in its effects on crops and human health. In 2014 for example, scientists found that healthy sunlight exposure showed to lower blood pressure in test subjects, which could potentially reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Radiance is a measure of the quantity of radiation per unit from a specific solid viewing angle, while irradiance measures the power of the electromagnetic radiation per unit area. Research of these factors has a vast amount of applications in various areas. This has been essential to developing ways to harness and create viable energy source alternatives such as solar power.

In regards to creating more sustainable building materials, analysis of these elements in addition to noise (dB) absorption and reflection have been important in manufacturing more effective construction components.

In the same vein of sustainability, we must mention the measurement of light levels. One of the reasons for research in this area is to determine the optimal levels required to carry out our daily activities. Ideally, future lighting systems will be automatic and optimised so that effective lighting levels are congruent with the variable natural light available throughout the year.

Investigations gathering data regarding wind direction and wind speed can be beneficial to assess wind resources and control existing turbines. Meteorologists can also use this information in addition to measurements of other elements such as pressure, to study and identify patterns in storms to improve being able to predict adverse weather.

Keeping in mind that gas is just another state of matter, there is a great number of instances in which measuring it will be of importance. Identifying safe parameters when gas extraction takes place for example, is used to set safety standards in the type of equipment and materials used for the job. Other examples worth mentioning are the high number of studies which take place to measure CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases. This data is used to create a system to estimate the impact our daily activities have on the environment.

If you are involved in research projects like these, then you know how there are many factors to continuously take into account. One of the most important however, is being able to count on reliable instrumentation and devices. By browsing our website you will find a great deal of versatile products and accessories, with the added value of also being able to receive great service and support from a truly dedicated team.

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