Next Generation HOBO RX3000 Research-Grade Weather Station from Onset

12th March 2015

The RX3000 is truly a new generation of HOBO research-grade weather station. Featuring improved flexibility, easier deployment, and more robust performance, this new weather station brings instant access to environmental monitoring data anywhere, anytime via the internet.

The station supports up to 15 channels of Smart Sensors that you simply plug right in — no programming or complicated wiring involved! You’ll begin measuring weather parameters immediately, including temperature, rainfall, wind, soil moisture and more.

An on-board LCD display visually confirms logger operation before you even leave your site, and a rugged, double-weatherproof enclosure keeps moisture out —important advantages for harsh, remote deployments.
Everything You Expect from HOBO Weather Stations

  • Cloud-based data access
  • Plug-and-play Smart Sensors
  • Rugged double-weatherproof enclosure
  • Data easily shared with other users through the internet
  • Alarm notifications via text, email
Plus So Much More!
  • User-installable analog and relay modules
  • Connect a broader range of analog sensors
  • LCD display for easy field deployment
  • More sensor connections, more memory and more options for powering your logger!

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