Environmental Monitoring

enviroEnvironmental monitoring can encompass many different things. That’s why at Tempcon, we strive to manufacture the most versatile and accurate equipment available. If you’re in search of the finest monitoring equipment that will enable you, your employees or students to accurately and efficiently keep track of the conditions around them, for any kind of purpose including topology and geography studies, then we can help you. Since being established in 1980, we have become known as a leading choice for sensors, thermometers, monitoring and logging equipment, and we are trusted by all kinds of clients throughout the world.

We stand out from other companies because we do not only supply environmental monitoring technology from one particular supplier; by partnering with ‘best of breed’ suppliers and manufacturing our own sensors where necessary, we can be confident our products deliver every time. This means that when a client has a specific requirement or request, we are able to fulfil their needs fully and provide them with the right type of equipment for their unique needs. We are then able to ship our environmental monitoring equipment all over the world.

We can provide sensors and other monitoring equipment for many types of environmental projects, recording such factors as humidity, pressure, temperature, wind speed, frost, groundwater levels, conductivity and salinity in water, and much more. These products are suitable for a huge variety of different research and educational applications, making them a great investment for research facilities and universities.

With more than thirty years experience, we are determined to remain at the forefront of modern monitoring solutions. Our clients require real precision so that they can gain an accurate picture of the environmental conditions, and this is exactly what our systems are designed to provide. Our technologies are proven around the world, even in some of the most challenging conditions.

Among many other products, we can supply wireless sensors and data loggers which allow you to keep track of temperature, soil conditions and other factors without having to be at the scene. These state of the art sensors will transmit the information straight to your mobile or computer. They are easy to deploy and are extremely compact, making it simple and affordable for you to set up an entire remote network and monitor different areas simultaneously.

The environmental monitoring equipment shown on our site is just a small fraction of what we can do.

Please get in touch today if you wish to discuss any of our available weather station systems, sensors, data loggers, thermometers, or any of our other specialist areas of knowledge. It has never been easier to get the monitoring equipment you need; even if you have previously found it difficult to find a specific item, we are confident that we can provide the perfect solution.