Transportation & Logistics

transportFor over 30 years Tempcon has been actively working to integrate technologies and develop solutions to serve specific customer needs. We are a dedicated team of expert technicians with excellent problem solving skills, which we gladly put to use for your benefit.

Our products have multiple applications, perfectly suiting a wide range of activities. Over the years, we have worked with many customers needing to implement monitoring and control solutions within their transportation and logistics process.

Whether shipping fresh produce or products such as seafood or sensitive electronic components, it is important to maintain a certain range of temperatures throughout the process. For a company who ships their own goods or wishes to do so, having the appropriate devices to monitor and log these parameters is often the first step in ensuring quality and compliance throughout the supply chain.

In addition to the food and electronics industries, there are a number of sectors that have benefited from our services. As another example: museums needing to ship delicate items on loan often need air quality, light, and force needed to be logged. Curatorial and conservation departments will generally determine the ideal conditions for the product to be shipped safely. We can then provide instrumentation capable of recording motion, inclination, activity, shock, vibration, in addition to adhering to other stipulated parameters.

Those involved in animal welfare often need to transport livestock and specimens for conservation efforts, study, or exhibits. Due to the nature of their cargo it is of the utmost importance to maintain ideal conditions as much as possible. Live specimens are sensitive to a variety of factors and, with the technologies available today, demonstrating that appropriate conditions have been controlled and monitored are easier than ever before.

Likewise, biotechnology and pharmaceutical products such as: vaccines and medications often require transporting under strict environmental parameters. We can help you develop a solution that demonstrates whether these parameters have been adhered to.

If your company requires equipment to monitor: the transportation of live animals, electronic equipment or other sensitive products please know that you are in safe hands with Tempcon and we are happy to work with you to implement an appropriate solution.

If you work in any sector where our products and services may be applicable and wish to discuss your requirements, please get in touch with us. We love a challenge and are confident that we can put our expertise to work for you and provide you with the information you need to understand the conditions in which your cargo has been transported.

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