Water & Waste Water

waterWater is one of our most precious resources. Thanks to infrastructures being in place such as water treatment plants and utility companies, many of us have access to potable water for consumption and to carry out other everyday activities.

Water covers up about 70% of our planet, it is home to abundant species, and completes cycles going through numerous processes such as precipitation, evaporation, deposition, condensation and advection to name a few. It can be said that man’s activities can have significant bearing in these processes and may influence outcomes in numerous occasions.

For these and many other reasons, the responsibility for the preservation of our waters lies in all of us. All over the world, environmental agencies and other organisations have set standards and regulations in the interest of minimising contamination and consumption, and treating waste water or effluent appropriately before returning it to the environment. While we cannot deny the substantial need of this precious liquid for a variety of purposes, we can improve the ways in which we use it.

Tempcon offers a wide range of instruments to monitor, control, and measure determinants across numerous facilities. These include pumping stations, factories, industrial plants, food processing plants, farming, and any other facility causing a water related impact. By browsing our site, you will be able to find a wide range of probes, sensors, and datalogging devices to measure various factors such as temperature, flow, levels and usage.

You can monitor your plant’s equipment usage patterns by installing a system which can measure a variety of parameters. Some of our dataloggers are programmable, which means you can set alerts if water falls under or goes over the required levels. In addition, you can measure dissolved oxygen in waste water to ensure it is within the safe limits. DO levels and water temperature are very important to the health of ecosystems. For example, if clean warm waste water is continuously deposited in a nearby body of water, temperature sensitive fish directly below the outlet will die, and the warm environment will encourage excessive algae growth which in turn will block sunlight. Some species of fish might tire from swimming through algae and die, and the warmer temperature will increase oxygen demands from poikilothermic species. Keeping in mind that warm temperatures reduces the amount of oxygen water can hold, this quickly becomes a serious problem. This chain of events without a doubt impacts issues such as fish breeding patterns, and can completely change local ecosystems.

For the agronomy and agricultural sectors, we count on a variety of probes and sensors for humidity, atmospheric pressure, and water levels. These will allow you to better allocate resources used in irrigation and other supply systems in a more efficient manner. This is particularly useful in farm areas located in areas that depend on rain water and pumping stations to grow crops.

We are suppliers of equipment to many universities and organisation funded research groups as well. A great deal of scientific analysis goes into determining the safe parameters we must follow in order to minimise potential impact. Regular monitoring of water levels, temperature, dissolved oxygen content among other factors give us current data on the conditions of our waters, allowing us to adjust or modify behaviours and usage accordingly. As the world population continues to grow, agricultural demands rise and consequentially water usage increases to meet those demands (which now include growing crops for biofuel). Because of this, we must take care of this precious resource now more than ever.

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