shippingToday, it is relatively easy to obtain a great variety of goods from around the world, straight to your company’s door. While it is acceptable for many items to endure a range of circumstantial disturbances during transport, other products are much more sensitive and require extra care to arrive to their destination safely.

For this reason, an ever increasing number of companies are asking for ways to ensure that their goods are being transported in adequate conditions through the logistics chain. While this generally includes measuring factors such as temperature and humidity, there are many more others to take into consideration.

Impact and vibration, for example, can be logged against all 3 axes to provide you with precise details on the type of stresses the item has endured. In addition, an inclinometer will provide you with information on whether it was hand-held at some point, and if it was stored correctly.

Many products, like medical supplies and foods may be sensitive to light and magnetic fields. In these cases, our light level and state loggers will be of great benefit in ensuring that shipping was carried out to specification.

If you actively receive shipments that fall within a set of parameters which require close monitoring for a variety of reasons, we can provide you with a great range of measuring equipment to do the job.

Data logging solutions can be either overt or covert. If necessary, data can be relayed in real time, or at least while in transit using GSM technology. This way, you will always know the exact state of your goods.

Our products offer peace of mind to companies who regularly rely on shipments of sensitive medical or electronic components, motors, generators, food, drink, and even livestock. All data is time stamped so in the event that the quality of your items is jeopardised, you will be able to determine responsibility, and aid you in case of possible insurance claims.